Tuesday, September 4, 2018

knitting bears

Darling Daughter was home for the weekend.  She wanted to go to Sioux Falls to look at pictures frames for a couple things she needed to frame and I needed to pick up my sewing machine after getting it serviced. So as we drove we were talking about where all we needed to go.  I said I didn't really need to go to the yarn shop.  She said this will be the first time ever we haven't stopped at the yarn shop.  She almost sounded disappointed.  Our first stop was to get my sewing machine and from the back of the shop I could see the yarn shop.  It was too early to get lunch but to go across town to the craft shops was out of the way for where we wanted to eat so we went to the yarn shop for just a few minutes.  She helped me pick out some more sock yarn and then we wander back to some knitted bears and I ask how difficult they are.  The shop keeper said they are really easy and the pattern is free on ravelry.  We pick out some yarn with the understanding that DD would knit the bears since its her friends that are popping out babies.  I had socks and sweaters to knit.  Saturday night we get started after brief refresher lesson on casting on, we each start one, when she makes a mistake we trade and she works on mine while I fix hers then we trade again.  By suppertime Sunday evening we had finished the front and back of the bears, they one one piece that is folded over.  Go out for pizza then pin and sew the bodies together, stuff and stitch faces.  They are so cute and I worked on a third bear which she is going to finish on her own.  We watched Letters to Juliet, the scenery of Italy was fantastic, I'm ready to go there again, and we watched Harry Potter movies.  It was a weekend well spent.  --Ann--

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Ramona said...

They are adorable! What is the name of the pattern? How fun to sit and knit with your daughter.