Thursday, May 24, 2012

Whats Blooming and reading list

I can never remember if this is a Dutch iris or a Siberian Iris

a volunteer poppy with the volunteer lettuce in my garden and my potatoes are up!!!!!!  My old fashioned peonies are blooming too but the wind knocked them flat. I'll have to cut them all and bring them in to enjoy.
  1. Lovers Knot by Clare O'Donahue
  2. Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Rielly  for book club
  3. An Unlikely Friendship Mary Todd Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley by Ann Rinaldi
  4. Quilt as Desired by Arlene Sachitano
  5. Doc by Mary Doria Russell  there was a lot more to Doc Holliday than the shoot out at the OK coral.
  6. Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas  for book club about Japanese interment in Colorado during WWII
  7. Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas another quilting story set in mining town in mountains of Colorado in late 1800's
  8. Murder on the Rocks  by Karen MacInerey  free kindle book
  9. Quilter's Knot  by Arlene Sachitano
  10. The Secret of Sarah Revere  by Ann Rinaldi  for book club
  11. Georgia in  Hawaii when Georgia O'Keeffe painted what she pleased Amy Novesky ill.Yuyi Morales
  12. Art from the Heart folk artist Clementine Hunter  by Kathy Whitehead ill. Shane W Evans
  13. The Boy Who Drew Birds a story of John James Audubon  by Jacqueline Davis ill. Melissa Sweet
  14. The Amber Photograph  by Penelope J. Stokes
  15. True Believer Nicholas Sparks
  16. At First Sight Nicholas Sparks
  17. A Drunkard's Path Clare O'Donahue
  18. Water for Elephants  Sara Gruen  for book club
  19. John James Audubon  John Burroughs  free book  I'm so glad writing styles have changed over the century very interesting but not very exciting.
 Books I read this winter and spring. School is out; not that I have kids at home but it means summer reading so I will start a new list.  -- Ann--

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Dar said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I've never seen a yellow poppy before though. It looked like a rose or tulip on my screen. Pretty nevertheless and in your lettuce! What fun.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love meeting and hearing from fellow bloggers.