Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Border decisions and lots of possibilities please share your opinion and why

I'm torn between the dark brown and the tiny medium blue stars for the inner border, then the red accent border, I like the boot fabric for the border but that's a lot of boots. I also really like the stars, cowboys have always been a patriotic bunch.  I would looove to hear your ideas. --Ann--
link to Patchworktimes DWM


Mary-Kay said...

I like your first combo the best. Brown, red and the cowboy print.

Mary-Kay said...

Okay it's your second combo. I didn't even notice the borders in the first pic, so I wouldn't use that combo.

Connie said...

Looks so neat! I like the dark brown border!

lj_cox said...

I really like that pale blue with teeny stars, edged by either the red or tan (slight preference for red as it's my favorite color) and then the blue boots fabric. It's probably the photos but the dark blue star fabric doesn't seem to go as well with the body of the quilt.

I really like it, no matter what you choose for the borders!

cathie said...

I prefer the light blue with stars, then the red, then the dark blue with stars. As you said, that's a lot of boots. I think the boots as the outer border might draw too much attention from the blocks themselves. Plus, I tend to like quite a different fabric for the border than is used in the main portion.