Saturday, August 11, 2012

old buildings and roots Ireland

My great grand parents came to America in the late 1800's. They had 5 or 6  children in America then went back to Ireland and had a few more.  My grandfather was born in the US so he returned in the 1920's and worked as a farm hand then his father came over and helped him buy a farm. Grandfather and a brother farmed together, the brother never married so he made several trips to the old country and told stories of family on both sides of the ocean. He encouraged my dad and his siblings to write to cousins in Ireland There were 12 cousins in 4 families who got acquainted through letters and still keep in touch. My great uncle encouraged me to write to my second cousins. And now the next generation is facebooking. By the end of our trip daughter could name most of my grandfather's siblings 11 total and knew who belonged to who in the next generations.
Painting of Grange where my grandfather grew up, the gate  was too grown over with weeds to see the front. The back side of Grange over 200 years old.
Fanad, 300 year old farm owned by my 5th great grandfather  and was in the family until the mid 1900's.  The view those generations saw.
standing beside a fuchsia hedge.  end of vacations pics.--Ann--


sherry said...

please go on more holidays and post photos...i love these of the old wouldn't that make a fabulous quilt studio

Anne said...

Isn't it fun to know your roots? My mother's family was from Ireland too. Thankfully my aunt wrote a lot of family history down so I'm able to look things up. Must have been a wonderful trip with your daughter.