Friday, August 17, 2012

on the needles

Olympic knitting. What if knitting were an Olympic event..........hmmm.............
Commentators: "there has been a lot of controversy over needles and number of needles an Olympian can use single points or double points,  2, 4 or 5  needles  or  circular cable needles or the  magic loop. I really don't think they should be allowed to use magic."
Expert:  It really depends on what a person is knitting. The magic loop is just a long cable.
C:  Then there is English style and Continental style knitting some think they should be 2 separate events.
E: If you are knitting for technique both styles are pretty equal but in speed knitting the continental style knitters are faster.
C: Why the big difference?
E: With the English Style the knitter is throwing the yarn over the right needle with her right hand or finger. Continental knitters carry the yarn over their left forefinger and pick it up with the right needle, there is very little movement of the needles in the continental method. Some refer to the English Style as throwers and the continental as pickers. Now lets go down to the easy chairs to see how things are going. 
C: An event in easy chairs maybe I'll take up knitting, not only that they are watching tv! watching us on tv, watching themselves!
E: "Nitta is using the upside down V cast on, Pearl is using the backward loop and Ann of course I made it into the Medal round its my fantasy is doing a backward loop with a twist and a flip, she seems to be getting the same results." Nitta has a real flare for casting on the way she drops the yarns between each stitch and straightens the yarn and lines up each stitch in a perfect row, very dramatic. Pearl has a nice rhythm going very uniform.  Ann is just about to the end of her tail.
C: Now they are ready to knit. Nitta has the yarn over her left finger she must be a picker. Pearl is having a bit of a time getting her needle into her first stitch. Ann had the yarn in her right hand wait a minute she is switching to her left Is that legal? 
E: I understand Ann learned to knit when she was 8 or 9 years old and has gone decades without knitting a stitch.  She seems to know what she is doing but she keeps switching the yarn from her right to her left. Nitta's stitches are very relaxed the needle just fell out of her knitting! 
C: can you believe that she calmly picked it up and slid it back in and didn't drop a single stitch. The pressure of competition is getting to Pearl, her stitches are too tight to knit. Ann just switched to her left hand again, she's picking up the remote with her right and changing channels.........
These Olympics were long, too long I did another pair of mittens.  Don't you just hate it when someone takes a perfectly good recreation and takes all the fun out of it by turning it into a serious competition?!? I hate when that happens.

 I need to add the tassel and brush and felt them to really be Lovikka Mittens.
Expert opinions are purely my own through minutes of research. 
  Here is a link to Judy to see what everyone is knitting. --Ann--


Deb said...

Very cute commentary! Sounds like you won the gold medal to me. Very nice mittens.

Laurie said...

I've felted some mittens but I didn't knit them in the round. I'd love a pattern that is in the round and felted. Where is the one you used? My grandson's needs some! I love your pink ones.