Friday, February 1, 2013

on the needles

Happy day before Ground Hogs Day from the land of shifting snow. Earlier in the week our snow came at a nice angle then yesterday in the cold and wind it all got up and moved. I  made real progress on my top down sweater its long enough I can feel its warmth on my lap. I should be counting stitches on the sleeves and knitting those by super bowl. How long will they be by the end of the game?!
I get about half of a pattern repeat done every morning with my coffee. The short rows are just the right for sipping coffee in between. My coffee got cold working on the long rows of the sweater.

I had to start a new little project for the road last weekend. Daughter loved her new opal socks by the way. I'm keeping these and trying a new stitch pattern from Melissa Morgan-Oakes book. Its just p-k-slspwyb-k-p, translation-- purl, knit, slip stitch purlwise with yarn in back thats a lot of words for what actually happens, knit, purl and repeat to the end of the row then knit a row. Its good weather to knit and have a look at Judy's on the needles . --Ann--


Maggie said...

I love that sweater! I guess how much sleeve you get by the end of the game depends on if you are partying or just knitting and watching the game. Also, whether or not you start hours ahead like the pregame festivities!

Anonymous said...

Love your socks, both pairs! Good luck on the sweater and enjoy the game!

Stella Nemeth said...

The socks are so pretty.