Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another Travel Bag

 I liked the faux leather that I used on this (click) bag so much that I made another travel bag. This is an Amy Butler pattern and I have had fabric and zipper for it for a couple years. I deviated from my original plan which I had pretty much forgotten and used the new fabrics which looked wonderful with the navy stripe that I have had for years. I made it an inch wider than the pattern.  The faux leather fabric handles were thick enough that it was difficult to pin so I taped the handles in place and sewed.  I also used my little red clips for holding some parts in place. 

  I added a strap for my pull handle.
 I wanted a soft sided bag so I quilted the the front and back panels and the base I did use the super stiff fusible interfacing in the base so the bottom shouldn't sag and a lot of steam to get it to stick.  I'm ready to go somewhere. --Ann--

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