Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kayakers Design Wall

The silhouettes are cut, I must have drawn and cut at least 6 of the smallest kayak before I was happy with it, and and then I traced it wrong on the fusible not once but twice, time to quit for the day and take a walk.  I came back from my walk and fused the background last night and decided to wait with the kayaks and look at them with fresh eyes today.  Now to fuse everything in place, its always tricky to pin parts in place on the design wall and not take the flannel down with it.  An "aha" moment!! tape things!!!! Why don't I place it on a flat surface?!?  well then I would have to clear a flat surface to make room, tape is quicker and slicker and the perspective is better on the wall.  Borders and layering next then the fun begins.  --Ann--

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