Friday, June 12, 2015

On the needles

More reading mitts completely finished. I bought two balls of the self striping yarn thinking one ball might not be enough for one pair will it looks like one ball is more than enough. I cast on 44 stitches for the first pair of pink and lavender mitts then started another pair also with 44 stitches then decided there would be more than enough yarn for a larger pair with 48 stitches so I started knitting from the other end of the ball and wouldn't you know the color repeat was the same so I have one pair with matching stripes. next week I may go back to knitting socks or start a sweater. linking to Judy's OTN. --Ann--


Ramona said...

Your mitts are wonderful! What is the yarn you are using? And I can't remember...have you posted the pattern for the mitts? Love them.

Judy S. said...

Lovely mitts! Thanks for the idea of using self-striping yarn!

Stitchee said...

Love your reading mitts! Would you be willing to share what yarn you are using? And, where to get the pattern?