Thursday, June 25, 2015

FMQ Kayakers

Everything is fused and starting to fall off.  I wonder ??  does fusible have an expiration date?  The stuff I was using was from several years ago and some was coming off the paper backing or maybe my iron was too hot or too cool or too much steam or not enough steam.  Maybe I should read the instructions again, I will next time I buy fusible.  All the black has been stitched around with black thread. The sky is done!   I used a pink and yellow thread and will use the same for the lake but I will use a yellow thread coming out from the sun reflection. I'm just getting warmed up.  Away I go. --Ann--


Paula, the quilter said...

I don't know if it expires, but it does dry out. I keep mine in a sealed bag (if I can) because Colorado is so arid and dry. Use some white Elmers School Glue to stick it on until you sew it down. You can even use the iron to make the glue stick better, which is what I do. Nice quilt, by the way.

Vic in NH said...

Such a dramatic fabric painting and great quilting happening, too! I had to laugh WITH you on your previous post when you said that it would require clearing a flat surface to lay it down. I can't seem to keep a flat surface clear at my house either, LOL!