Monday, June 15, 2015

Design wall Monday

My grand thoughts of getting lots done on this quilt were side tracked by hubby wanting/needing to paint the house once he gets an idea in his head he is like a train, there is no stopping him. Tuesday was too hot to paint, close to 100 here he didn't even go the the golf course.  I sewed the flying geese then pressed them and put some possibilities up for the next rows. I think the mountain lion fabric is too busy and light, maybe I should do stars with the mountain lion in the center of just one or two stars?!?  Wednesday we painted the front of the house until the sun came over the house. Hubby borrowed the big scaffolding with the push me pull me axels. I didn't follow his directions very well. Which direction is back when we are both holding the tongue at each end of the contraption???? I thought it was time to make lunch. Thursday we finished above the garage and since it was overcast we worked on the south side of the house then moved around to the east. Darling son came over to move the scaffolding because he is really smart and know exactly how to move the tires to get it up close to the house with no cussing. He is such a dear. This quilt is for him.  Friday we started on the east side of the house on the scaffolding then I said I was not going to work in the sun so I went to the north side of the garage, by early afternoon I was working in the shade on the east side of the house and then we were done. Yippee!!! All the flowers around the house were sacrificed in the name of safety and speed, the peonies were just about done blooming, the hollyhocks were a couple weeks away from blooming but they might just make a come back by late August, they are almost like a weed. Looking forward to a creative artsy week since HD went fishing.  Linking to Judy's Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday.  --Ann--


Ramona said...

I like the nine patches and agree that the mountain lion fabric is too light. It would be good in a few stars, I think. It has to feel good to have the whole house painted!

Sharon Massena said...

WOW! You have accomplished much. I like the quilt with all those geese, but you're right, the fabric might be better darker.