Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pastel Series V

I'm of the generation that likes to pierce my garments not my flesh with jewelry.  I made this small wallhanging to pin my pins, I sewed on a few buttons  to hang necklaces.  The 4 patches were left overs from the Candy Stripe quilt. This little quilt was too wide to hang in my closet after another move so all pins were removed for another narrower pin quilt.  I finally got brave and tried machine quilting beyond puzzle piece stippling a decade or so ago.  The background of each basket is different and I free motion quilted a leaf and vine in the border.   --Ann--

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Vic in NH said...

What a lovely romantic little quilt! Thank you for sharing it here, especially with the close up photos so that we can so appreciate the fabrics and the stitching. Your heart vines came out great!