Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pastel VIII

 The pattern for this was in Linda Brannock's book Miss Jump's Quilt Album,  she called it Summer Garden aka Summer Pizza.  I think summer pizza is fitting.  I organized the background fabrics into diagonal groupings because there was just too much going on for them to be scattered randomly.  I need to add a border of checkerboards or maybe half square triangles  like the pin wheel quilt,  previous post.  It is a small queen size quilt.
The majority of these quilts were sewn in the 1990's specifically in 1999.  I must have challenged myself to use as much of this stash as I could before the new millennium.   I made a dent but I didn't come close to using all of the 1980's/90's pile. I could still make a couple more queen size quilts or 4 or 5 twin size.   One more 1990's fabric post to go. --Ann--

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