Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pastel Series VI

I call this Starry Stairs.  I saw it in an advertisement in a quilt magazine many years ago so I drafted the block and sewed it together.  It is two 4 patches and 2 partial log cabin blocks sewn as a four patch then it is sashed with light fabrics and a friendship star at the intersection.  I have used this on my dining room table for years.  A quilt on the table muffles a lot of sound and I can pick it up after a meal and shake out all the crumbs.  I cut extra fabric into squares for napkins.  My kids friends didn't know what to think of these people who had a quilt on the table and always used cloth napkins. It has been through the washer so many times and it just gets softer and softer both visually and to the touch.  This was a low volume quilt before those words were ever put together. --Ann--

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