Thursday, March 10, 2016

Home Again

We had a wonderful extended weekend.  First to a wedding party, the bride and groom eloped in October so everyone else was catching up in their celebration.  The food was the best wedding food I have ever eaten  and not just because hubby and I have been on a weight loss program for the last 6 weeks (HD has lost 25 and I have lost almost 12 so real food was a treat and big treat.  Now we can go back to our meal replacements.  I held steady while we were gone.) The food was fabulous the party was fun, they showed their roof top in Greece wedding video, some toasts were made that were humorous and touching.  It was a celebration!  Then there was brunch at the parent's of the bride's home, my very dearest friend since forever and I'm sorry I didn't center the photo better.  They loved the quilt.  The weekend was perfect sunny and warm, her daffodils were blooming, brunch was delicious on her beautiful dishes and silver and little serviettes (small linen napkins).  Then it was back to South Dakota for the Summit league basketball tournament and our  SDSU Jackrabbits won both the mens and women's championship games.  What could be better!  --Ann--

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