Friday, March 25, 2016

On the needles

It's been a non-blog-worthy week.  We have had rain and wind, a dusting of snow, more wind and sunshine then I had to dust.  I got a good start on the sweater but have questions on the directions, some of the numbers do not add up right or I am doing it wrong. I have been looking at other patterns. I might email the designer or I might start fresh.  
I just need to focus to finish the gloves, it takes so little time to knit each finger............I keep getting distracted. 
 I got an email from the  library that an ebook was available so I clicked a few buttons and opened the book.  I can be a very disorganized person I have read lots of books on dealing with clutter and getting organized.  I like to get organized but never stay organized.  The book is the life-changing magic of tidying up the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing written by marie condo.  yes all small letters.  How could I not read a book with all those catchy words, magic, life-changing, decluttering and organizing in the title?  It was a quick read with lots of good information. She has clients start by going through their clothing and if the garment doesn't "spark joy" when you touch it get rid of it. She had a whole chapter on socks so that is where I started. She said we abuse our socks all day when they are stretched over our feet and crammed into our shoes,  we should not roll them in balls and stretch the cuff over the sock or tie them in knots when they are not in use. They should be rolled toward the cuff and stored on end, even panty hose.  Maybe thats why I had so much trouble putting them on, the hose were not "relaxing in my spa drawer for socks" on their days off. I should have rolled up all my footies too. She said we should spend as much time caring for our clothes, folding and rolling carefully as we do choosing and purchasing a garment.  Some parts were very amusing. As a fiber artist that should be easy since we love to touch the fabric or the yarn as we work on it.

 So what did I do when my sock drawer was organized? Start a new pair!

Why did the elephant paint her toe nails all different colors?
 to hid in Ann's sock drawer!
Happy Easter  bet you thought I was going to say jelly beans.
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Ramona said...

Now I have to clean my sock drawer! Love your new socks. The colors are my fave!

carol fun said...

I haven't read this book yet but I've heard a lot about it. I just fold my socks in half. I think I can get more in the drawer that way and I have a lot of handknit socks...I just adore them. Your socks and your gloves are wonderful! I've never tried to knit gloves but yours are inspiring me! happy knitting!

Sharon Massena said...

I ;ove, love, love the colors you choose for your socks.

Judy S. said...

Love the new socks! I've had that book on my Kindle for a while and need to READ it!