Friday, March 18, 2016

On and off the Needles and the battle of the panty hose

 Swatch to gauge the needle size for the sweater.  Its really a soft yummy lavender not as grey as the photo.  I'll start the sweater this weekend.
  Socks were finished in time to wear green socks for Saint Patrick's Day. And they slid on my feet so easy unlike the great battle of the panty hose from a couple weeks ago.
I live in a part of the country where pressing a crease in blue jeans is considered dressed up so it is a treat to really get dressed up for a special occasion which meant heels and panty hose, not heels under boot cut pressed jeans.  So I get out of the shower and am putting on my panty hose in a hotel room with a  bed so high I almost have to jump to sit on the bed and then my feet are dangling.  I scrunch up the leg and put the left toes in and pulled it up over my knee then scrunch up the other leg and put the right toes in and pull up over the right knee then I finish pulling up the left leg then the right.  I have to scoot off the bed to pull the waist up.  It doesn't feel right so I look down at my legs the left leg looked twisted so off comes the left leg and I try again, scrunch up the leg and over the toes, over the knee, and up the thigh it was like trying to pull a  tourniquet over my thigh so I took off the left leg again.   This time I shook it out and carefully slide my toes in and pulled up gradually, still twisted! I tried again, the panty hose were winning I was ready to toss them as defective panty hose and open the spare pair. Still twisted! I took both legs off and gave the panty hose a good shake and tried again this time slipping both feet in  at the same time. I was sitting on the bed like a little kid with dangling feet  I  pulled them up a little bit at a time while I was scooting off the bed then stood up and finished the process.  Finally my legs were on straight!  I felt like I needed to take another shower.  Just dab with the washcloth  then finish getting dressed.  Slip, skirt, blouse, jacket and heels.  Ready to go and hubby says "you look nice."  --Ann--
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Gari in AL said...

Living in the South, I gave up on panty hose years ago. But I really enjoyed your tale as I remember those days very well.

Ramona said...

Great story! As I was reading it I was thinking that I would need a shower after all of that! I love your comment about creased jeans being "dressed up!" I don't think I have ever ironed a crease in my jeans, but might have to. :D Your socks are great, too.

Sharon Massena said...

Loved the story, but gave up panty hose so long ago, I'd nearly forgotten what a pain they were.

Dar said...

I was picturing your antics with trying to get the panty hose on and was laughing out loud. Sorry, I know it wasn't funny to you. I can't remember the last time I had to wear them, but not something I do very often any more either.