Thursday, May 12, 2016


Sometimes when life doesn't seem very blog worthy I need to stop and look for the little things.  My fern leaf peony is in full bloom.  The blossoms look like fluffy heads with a frill about the neck.  I helped serve a funeral today for a 94 year old woman who had a wonderful life.  She was of the generation that always wore a hat but she didn't give them up when the majority of women quit wearing hats so the next matriarch of the family brought 2 large boxes of hats for the ladies to chose from and wear a hat to her funeral. They said Lurabel would be be smiling down as pleased a punch to see the church full of ladies wearing her hats.  Noticing the little things again. --Ann--

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Vic in NH said...

What a wonderful way to honor Lurabel at her passing. Thank you so much for relating the tale here for us to enjoy it with you.