Thursday, May 26, 2016


Perfection!  I have one iris plant that is not dark purple or yellow and this year it bloomed.  It is the palest lavender and the blossom was huge.  This bloom was fading when the next two were opening then the dark clouds rolled in from the west they always come from the west and the rain fell, then the wind blew and the rain came harder.  I was wishing I had cut the stem and brought it into the house but I was too late.  The hail came ping, ping, ping, pea sized hail with mounds of hailstones at the end of each downspout; the blooms were ripped to rags.  Then the storm rolled to the northeast and the sun came out and everything that was wet sparkled.  --Ann--

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Ramona said...

What a gorgeous flower! Iris are one of my favorites. This spring has been rough!