Monday, May 16, 2016

seasons out of whack

It feels like March here instead of the middle of May, cold, windy and freezing overnight temps.  I was sitting in my sewing room over the weekend looking at all the projects in plain sight; the quilt that is ready to machine quilt, the quilt top ready to be basted, the stack of strips already cut for another neutral quilt, the beginning of a baby quilt, so many things from which to choose. This little needle point rabbit has been sitting in plain sight since the last leap year along with the backing and prototype of a gusseted egg.  All I needed to do was sew the backing and stuff it and stitch it closed.  I pulled out the box of needle point yarn to make the cording, none of the greens I used were long enough to make the cording. Think, think think what can I used that is the right color for the cording.............sock yarn!!! specifically the opal yarn for my St. Patrick's Day socks.  Wishing for warmer May days --Ann--


Ramona said...

Great substitute! This little egg is so cute. I've been doing the same thing over the weekend.... looking at all of my projects that need to be finished. It's cool here, too, but sunny today! Have a great week.

Sharon Massena said...

HE's so cute and you are ahead for next Easter. Congratulations - now it's time to do something for Christmas. (lol)