Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Old baggage

Sketch, sketch then watercolor,  the colors are so anemic looking.
I go through things and toss then look again a few days latter and toss some more.  I'm letting go of some baggage that I have been dragging around for decades and 11 moves.  My large sketchbooks from college and some art work from high school.   The last time I looked at this stuff was the last time I packed 10 years ago.  It has only been taking up space since.  So now I am letting go.  I figure the next move will either be in with one of my kids or to the nursing home and I don't think either one will give me a closet big enough for all my baggage.

 There were a few blank pages left in one sketchbook so I took a break and sketched it is amazing how fast a sketch can be done with big fat carpenter type pencils.  I'm keeping the pencils along with all my smaller sketchbooks.  20 days until the moving truck comes and only 3 more times to fill the dumpster. --Ann--


Vic in NH said...

Your sketches are lovely. Downsizing is a heartache. I wish that more people valued art more highly but I can understand the need to let go. I think that you should have them all printed up into notecards. Yes, they are good enough!!!!

Ramona said...

I love Vic's idea! Notecards would be wonderful. Purging is difficult but necessary at different times of our lives. Great drawings!