Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Out of the cupboard

 Another quilt out of the cupboard.  This is an oldie from the early 1990's.  I made a romper for DD out of the blue iris fabric.  I used a goofy tool to cut the star points, first I cut bias strips at an odd angle and sewed two strips together then cut rectangles.... anyway I cut all right hand triangles or maybe it was left but I only had one side so I had to make the mirror image side so somewhere I have a similar  quilt that has never been finished.  The pairs of star points are 2 rectangles sewn together.  I thought I tossed the tool when the tri rec tools came out but I found it last week so now it is gone.  I just machine quilted in the ditch.  Now I would  accentuate the pale yellow star in the middle with free motion quilting and quilt the cornerstones of the blocks to look like bees or butterflies.  I had so little imagination for machine quilting then but I did put a lot of effort into piecing the border.  I could use it for practice quilting. --Ann--

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Joyful Quilter said...

Very cute. Love the border and the back.