Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Finish and a Sunny Day

 See we have sun today and temps are in the double digits! We had sun yesterday too but much colder and I wasn't home all day so I couldn't see the dust.  The only down side to a sunny day is seeing the dust. Lets look at the quilt instead.
2013 was the year of sewing curves, this(click for progression of the quilt) the log cabin and fans quilts and the winding way quilt. I became an expert at sewing curves last year. Finishing the last stitches of the binding last night felt as good as sitting in the sun drinking my coffee this morning not looking at the dust. --Ann-- I really should sort and organize my labeling system for posts.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Very, very pretty quilt! Settle down dust, we've got better things to do. ;)

Raewyn said...

Your glorified 9-patch is beautiful and I love the quilting you have done on it. Congratultions on another finish!! This is a pattern I saved a long time agao - I really must make it up!!!

Jenny said...

So pretty! Love it so much. Thanks for sharing!!