Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's warm enough to snow!!!

It is warm enough to snow here today after sub zero temps. The snow is so light and fluffy it won't amount to anything and then it might all blow away.
I have been struggling to put away Christmas decorations and I do mean struggling because we bought an artificial tree and it needs to go back in the box and the box needs to fit in the closet with the rest of the Christmas decorations so everything has to come out of the closet and be rearranged and put back in the closet and the door needs to close. So in the process of pulling things out and sorting I found these scraps of paper from a children's magazine from the 30's maybe.
The little poems made me smile and the little activities made me chuckle, the snowman above has directions to fold the paper without tearing it out of the magazine. Obviously either my mom or her mom tore it out decades ago and saved it.
And the drawing instructions......well they might be useful for machine quilting.
I have preserved these little tidbits for all eternity on my blog so I can toss them with no feelings of guilt.  There are lots of things I wish the previous generation would have tossed but now I get to go through it and decide what to save for daughter to toss and she will be saying the same thing about me.--Ann--

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