Thursday, January 23, 2014

old jeans

 Adorable son got to go on another trip and I got his dog good thing she is so lovable. He brought her old bed in with a rip in the cover. It didn't take much for the rip to get bigger and after looking on the internet for replacement covers............  I made a new cover for the dog bed.
Five pairs of old jeans later we have a comfy soft strong denim dog bed. Hubby dear gave me jeans he hadn't worn for years so I cut and sewed sections into a  rectangle then cut two 40"x 50" ovals. I ripped the old zipper and was gleefully sewing it into the gusset when in the last stitches the pull/separator was pushed off the zipper by the presser foot. Try as I did I could not get it back on the zipper teeth. I never realized what a complex invention the zipper is. Each of those little teeth has an indent and a peak and somehow the pull pushes them together and separates them.  I tried separating the teeth slightly and slipping them into the big end of the pull, it only put the teeth together then I couldn't get them to split and slide  up the fastener. I finally gave up and used two old dress zippers one pink and one white and sewed them open end to open end. Will I ever sew a zipper in a dress again!??!! Probably not. 5 pair old jeans + two 20" zippers and a few hours of time= one happy well maybe miss-my-master dog.  And this cold weather makes me glad I don't have a dog everyday!  Next time he goes somewhere I hope it is warmer.--Ann--


Paula, the quilter said...

Now that is a wonderful thing to do for your grand-dog. Well done!

Kathleen said...

That's a good use of old jeans and by complete coincidence I cut up a pair of old jeans today! I'm going to use the material to make a little tote bag.