Monday, January 27, 2014

Design Wall Monday

The borders are on and it has been layered and pinned ready to machine quilt. I could do it the easy way and just do a wavy line up the tree trunk and swing arcs in each tree and background triangle or I could do a variety of lines such as diagonal, vertical, horizontal, cross hatching etc. in  each tree and maybe scrolls in the background and diamonds or curves in the plaid sashing. Any ideas???  I like easy but that doesn't push me to creative free motion quilting.

While the wind was howling over the weekend and it was just howling because we didn't get more than a dusting of new snow I finished machine quilting the border of my Glorified 9 Patch. I'm getting brave and tried a free motion feather. well half a feather and figure 8 ovals.  My brain and hands did not always want to swing the arc to the left then right, my habit is to go right then come back with a large arc to the left from years of doing the concentric tear drops on quilts. Now just trim the edge and sew on the binding.  Check out all the quilts at Judy's Design Wall Monday and be inspired.  Temps just above 0 here. Its a good day to quilt --Ann--


Barb in Mi said...

2 fabulous projects. Love the trees - maybe a half feather as branches in the trees for quilting motive? And the nine patch quilting is incredible!

Lori said...

Dear Ann--love the quilting on the glorified 9 patch. the border fabric haa a wonderful texture to it that your feathers only enhance. the stars look like snowflakes ready to sift down onto the trees. The dog bed made me smile, the dog looks comfy but the long suffering dog look, "I got left AGAIN."

Sorry about the clogs shrinking too much.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful quilts. Love your choice of colours for both. Can't wait to see the Trees after you've quilted it.