Saturday, January 25, 2014

on the needles and the heartbreak of over felting

I got both these pairs of slippers finished and was so proud of myself and thought (since in the past not that much felting happened in the washer) that I could felt things a little faster in the washing machine with hotter water. Front load machines do not let you check the progress so when I took them out of the wash my mouth dropped...they were child size. Note to self DON'T Do that again. I guess I'll list them on etsy. The inside of the the red are 6 1/2 inches and the brown are 7 1/2 inches. On top is my size 8 store bought felted clog just for what could I do????
 Something colorful, something fun, something easy.  Start a new pair of socks of course!
New yarn is on the way. --Ann--

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Kathleen said...

Oh dear! How aggravating that must be. Not one pair of socks but two! I like the yarn you're using for both of these. The red/pink combination is very pretty.