Friday, March 14, 2014

On the needles

A concentrated effort on my sweater, I'm working on the second sleeve. The pattern is Beginner Cable Sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple the yarn I am using is Cascade 220 superwash wool. SW Rainier is above the barcode that might be the color name but amethyst is the color that comes to my mind. If I had known how easy this pattern was going to be I would have started it during the Olympics but it had markers so I thought it would need my undivided attention so I waited until the Olympics were over. I could be wearing it by now. The markers make it easy so I don't have to count very important for the numerically challenged. I have to remember markers make it easy. I think one sleeve is long enough to start the ribbing but I'm going to knit the other sleeve to the same point and try it on again. I did the neck ribbing but am not thrilled with the way it looks maybe I need to go down another size with the needles or try a different bind off, it is rippled even when I put it on. I used the knit 2 then knit those 2 together then knit one and knit together for a stretch binding. Maybe I just need to knit the bind off stitches tighter any suggestions fellow knitter?? linking to Judy's On the Needles.--Ann--


Judy D in WA said...

Another fabulous project! I'm anxious to read what other knitters tell you about the ribbing.

Ruth said...

Neck ribbing: Rip it back. Using either a smaller needle or decreasing a couple of sts on the back and the front, pick up and knit your ribbing. I find that k2, p2 works the best for neckline ribbing. It is a multiple of 4, so when you pick up your sts, fudge a bit so that you can divide your sts by 4. Given that the neck is a bit big, I'd probably fudge by decreasing the stitches to make that multiple of r.

Michelle said...

Markers are definitely your friends!