Friday, March 28, 2014

On the needles

 I have been wearing my sweater since spring is being evasive. Here a day and gone a week. I'm back to knitting socks. The top is a trekking xxl yarn I thought I would try a different stitch pattern in each color so in the blue is a 3x3 basket weave with a knit row between then a purl row when the color changed to pink. I thought I could remember a stitch pattern I saw in a magazine but not quite....I put an extra knit stitch in so I am a designer now! The pattern was supposed to make an X of purl stitches but my extra knit stitch dominates. The pattern should be row 1: p1-k2-; row 2&3: k1-p2-. I did row 1: k1- p1-k2-p1-; row 2&3: k2-p2-k1; repeat row 1, I repeated those 3 rows so there are 2 rows of row 1 in a row. How many rows are in that sentence? Next color change to pale pale grey with pink and blue I did 3 rows of 2x2 basket weave without a knit row between. I forgot the purl row when the yarn changed to blue but I am repeating the same pattern in each color.
 I started these in early February and set them aside, the yarn is a Blossom Street yarn I think the color name is juniper. I enjoyed the cable so much in the sweater that I started a cable pattern when I started the heel gusset. The pattern is gentle waves from the Threads Hand-Knit Socks magazine. I was reading the credits in the magazine really a boring thing to do but I learned the patterns in the mag all came from The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor so I looked up her book on the internet and low and behold she is a South Dakota writer who has written both fiction and knitting instruction. I read most of her mystery books 10 - 12 years ago, they are just delightful. Titles include: Foreign Body, Sex and Salmonella, Funeral Food, Hotel South Dakota, Mourning shift, The Missionary Position, The Cold Front and newest The Nut House which I have not read but will. Staying warm in hand knits and wool on the prairie. --Ann--  Whats on your needles? check out Judy's OTN


Ramona said...

Love your socks! I need to try this toe up method. I've been seeing more of this method lately. Your designs are so pretty. Very nice!

Judy S. said...

Nice work on the pretty socks. I am so impressed that you are doing 2 at once! And toe-up no less!!!

Teresa in Music City said...

Such fun socks!!! And what a cute idea to change designs with the color changes :) Looking forward to seeing the finish!