Friday, April 21, 2017

On and Off the needles

Finishing up some little projects

I have little baskets or bags sitting by my favorite chairs so there is always a little project to pick up when I sit down for a cup of coffee or grab and go for a road trip.  I like to have socks or gloves because they have short rows of knitting, short rows as in not no many stitches between pulling the needles to knit the other side, not short rows with wrap and turns.  Anyway these little projects get done a few rows with each cup of coffee.  The socks on top were on the needles for almost a year.  I would work on them after I did my time on the elliptical and was cooling down in front of the fan.  They are short because I liked the yarn with my new winter coat nothing else in the stash of yarn went with my new winter coat.  I needed some gloves to go with it so I cut the yarn and left the socks while I knit the gloves then came back to the socks and that is all the yarn there was.  The reading mitts are alpaca yarn and left over from Christmas gloves and the bottom basket is gloves, getting done row by row every morning with my coffee.  Shouldn't need them until next fall.  There has been some progress on the sweater and socks from last weeks post so I will skip the pics.  Linking to Judy's OTN --Ann--


Dar said...

I love it that you can pick up so many different projects and continue on. I can do that with my quilting projects, but with knitting I'm trying not to have too many started things. I love your socks and cute gloves.

Ramona said...

I like your short socks. I need to make some of those with my left over yarn. My problem with having multiple socks going is I don't have enough needles. Keeps me focused on finishing a pair at a time.