Monday, April 16, 2018

A January blizzard in April

Alleluia chorus the sun is out and the sky is blue and the streets are sloppy!!

The rain came in ice pellets sometimes pea sized hail, enough to cover the ground in pearls.  The constant clicking on the windows sent me to my sewing room for most of the day.  I would knit a few rows on my sweater then move a few pinwheels and knit a few more rows while I planned my next move. That was Friday.

April snow usually comes in big wet globs that splat on the windshield, that didn’t happen but then I didn’t drive anywhere either. During the night it turned into January blizzard, the clicking on the windows ceased but the wind continued as if it were breathing expelling great bursts of air with snow then almost gasping too catch its breath for another outburst.  The snow was fine like sifted sugar and at times I couldn’t see across the neighbors lot to the next street.
 I  updated the weather app on my iPad, it kept sending messages that snow would start at ..:.. down to the minute. I much prefer the format of the old app without the updates.  It was snowing on and off all day I really didn't care what time more snow would come because I wasn't going anywhere and neither should anyone else as nasty as it was outside. The app could have told me something important like what time it was going to stop!!  Or when the roads were going to be clear.
Back to my sewing room I sewed a few rows together and knit some more.
Sunday we cleared snow oldest son came over to help so I made a farm meal a roast, potatoes and vegetables.  It was delicious! There were more snowflakes in the air whether they were falling from the sky or airborne from other snowblowers I don't know.  A little blue sky could be seen through a thinning veil of clouds.  I knit some more and watched some movies.  Spring might be here the end of the week  --Ann--

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Judy S. said...

Love that quilt! So sorry for all of that snow; my sister got pounded also in MPLS. Here it's just been rain, but at the moment we are having glimpses of sun! Finally!