Saturday, June 16, 2012

New camera bag

I made a new bag for my new camera this is the prototype. I sewed it with basting stitches and must have ripped each seam at least 5 times before I had the size  and shape right. I wanted a small bag to go in my big purse for traveling.

My camera fits snug, it has little pockets for SD cards inside, an outside pocket for batteries and a pocket for the shoulder strap which hooks to a D ring and a handle. It would have been cheaper and quicker to buy a camera bag but it wouldn't have been a blue batik with denim and free motion quilted. And it wouldn't have a zipper pocket that completely conceals the shoulder strap and it wouldn't have my name stitched across the top.   --Ann--

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Dar said...

That is hands down the best looking camera bag I've ever seen.!! What a work of art. Now you need to make it into a pattern and sell it!! It's really beautiful. I love the color, the fmq, and Personalized too! Love it. You inspire me - but my camera is a new little Sony Sureshot. Tiny in comparison to yours.