Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tropical Shoo Fly

 My tropical shoo fly quilt on the prairie. This is my favorite summer quilt because I quilted it so heavily that it is just right when hubby has turned the AC to too cool for me. My intentions were to use this quilt top as a roman shade for a window but after the quilt top  was sewn it  wasn't right for the window so I finished it as a quilt and used a tropical print which I intended to make a blouse for me but sewing clothes for my daughter was lots more fun and then I thought it was out of style for a garment, so it was added to the fabric stash and it called to me for this quilt but of course it wasn't big enough so I added pieces to make it fit. That is a really run on sentence. I quilted this from the back side, around each of the flowers and leaves and birds and drew the designs to extend into the batik area. It was a chore and I have never done anything like that since 2003 when the label says I made the quilt. --Ann--

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sherry said...

yep that was a run on sentence...lol...nice quilt