Wednesday, January 9, 2013

30 degree tool

 I love this tool it makes the tippee canoe block so easy. Darlene Zimmerman, inventor of the tool calls it Hummingbird. How do you get that kite shape between two triangles without fussy piecing?!? Three 30 degree triangles equals 90. such simple math.

Cut 6 inch strips for the kite shape and 5 inch strips for the background you need 2 background for each quarter block. Flip her ruler back and forth to cut the triangles.

Match the narrow ends and sew 1/4 inch seams.

Open it up and finger press

Sew the second background piece to the center triangle match the point.
Open it up and press the seams to the left.

Trim the block to a square. I trimmed them to 4 1/2inches which extends over the point of the square. The instructions oversized all the blocks and trim to 4 inches, I did not like throwing all the excess away so I cut them as large as possible. There is still enough for the quarter inch seam.

Pair up and ooohh and aahh your fabric choices.
Flip right over left, match up seams and sew.

First seam, do not cut between the two parts, flip over and sew the second seam. The seams will butt up and match.

Sew easy. All the outside edges are on the bias so handle as little as possible.
Because I cut my blocks larger than the instructions I also need to cut the sashing longer to 8 1/2 inches. Cut a 8 1/2 inch strip of fabric then cut 1 1/2 inch strips. The sashing is on the lengthwise straight grain which eliminates stretching when sewing.The setting triangles and squares also need to be cut larger. The cornerstone is still the same, 1 1/2 inches sew to a 1 1/2inch  x 4 inch strip sew that to a 4 x 5 inch rectangle. The setting triangles are cut from a 4 inch wide strip using the easy angle.
Happy sewing! --Ann-- P.S. I found the booklet at a quilt shop in Minnesota but no ruler so darling daughter found it on the internet for me for Christmas in 2011.


Scrapatches said...

Sew pretty! Thanks for sharing. I love Darlene Zimmermann patterns and tools and have not seen this one before ... :) Pat

FleurBleue said...

How clever is that?

F x

Laurie said...

Great! Love this quilt.