Thursday, January 17, 2013

New girl in the sewing room

Here's the new girl in the sewing room, Sweet 16. Thank you hubby dearest.  Now to get things organized and workable. Clear the table and the top of the book shelf, find room in the closets and throw away some stuff.  My Elna, who has been my faithful and reliable companion since 1977, used to sit where I put the new girl. The Elna will fit in the Bernina table but I'm having a real hard time setting her aside and making them take turns piecing quilts. It just feels wrong to retire her. I want her available any time I want. I don't want to switch them back and forth in the Bernina table.  I need a make it fit button. Back to the sewing room.  --Ann--

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Anne said...

I'd love to know more about your new baby. I really struggle to machine quilt on my old Bernina with it's small arm space. Big reason why I have so many UFO's. haha I just don't like the quilting struggle.