Friday, January 11, 2013

on the needles

 First socks for 2013 finished!!!!  I love the way this striping yarn knitted up. My slip stitched heels are not symmetrical, one has 2 more rows of slip stitches so the other had 4 extra stitches before joining to the front of the sock. They are not for 4-H or Mr Monk. The back of my heels are a long way from anyone's eyeballs. In the future for slip stitched heels I will count in 15 or so stitches on each side and place a marker then count how many stitches are between the markers and adjust, there should be as many stitches in the center as on the insole side of the sock. This will be so much easier for the numerically challenged than counting and knitting 47 some stitches in then 30 some stitches back. I get really bored counting much over 20.
I hardly let the needles cool off before I started these socks with opal yarn I just can't wait to see how these stripe. I really love the little short color changes.
Also began work on a scarf to go with my cap for my red coat. I have started the scarf at least 4 times because I am not working from a pattern. It is the same stitch pattern as the cap, I tried 5 repeats too wide then 3 repeats and now 2 repeats of the stitch pattern. I have seed stitch in the borders and I will knit until I am out of yarn. I see I goofed on my vertical repeat as I am numerically challenged in both directions maybe this is why I was never much good with music?!? but I am going to continue rather than un- ravel. Its a scarf for me not for 4-H or Mr Monk. Knitting will never be mindless for me which may be a healthy thing. --Ann--linking to Judy's on the needles


Prairie St. Quilts said...

They look great - and I love the phrase "not for 4-H or Monk"!

Maggie said...

In the dark yarn, not even Mr. Monk would fish out any mistakes.