Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Knitting

Finally a couple finishes off the needles.  The first pair of Christmas socks are done and more started.  The footies are knit the same except for the ribbing.  That's what happens when there's a big gap between sock 1 and sock 2 because I was binge reading doesn't that sound less guilt ridden than binge eating or watching tv!?!  I would sit outside in the sun reading then I would move to the shade then back to the sun for a little more vitamin D then into the house and read in the sunroom and later into the living room.  Back to the socks.......I forgot how many times I decreased on the ribbing,  I can feel the difference the one on the left feels snug and the other one feels like I'm going to walk right out of it.  Both a little long for my feet so I will wait until DD comes home to try them on before I rip.  Enjoying these cooler days and evenings it helps the yarn slip through the fingers.  --Ann--

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Ramona said...

I started a new knitting project tonight, made a mistake and ripped it all out. Maybe tomorrow I will have more success. Love your socks!