Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Knitting

      Set camera on stacked kitchen stools, set timer and burst mode, head up, stretch neck to get rid of the wrinkles, look at pictures and make an appointment for a haircut. My sweater is finished and believe it or not it has been cool enough to wear it.  The warm days of June have been a little cool.
 Slow progress on socks, the footies are a little long on my foot but I'm sure they will fit darling daughter.  I made that pattern a couple years ago and ripped because they were too short so I added a few rows maybe too many. I'm not good a gauging where to start the heel when there is no gusset.  It may take some tweaking to get them right.
I've been busy with company and strawberries, the great nephews and niece helped pick berries Wednesday "these are the best strawberries ever" amazing the difference in a five mile drive to the patch or a thousand some miles in a refrigerated truck does to a strawberry.  And the sweet smell when we opened the back of the car..........heavenly.   --Ann--

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Ramona said...

I love your thoughts as you were taking the photo of your beautiful sweater. Too funny! The footie socks are too cute. Hopefully they will fit your daughter. My knitting skills aren't good enough to be able to adjust patterns too much. What pattern are you using for your other socks? Is that your usual design? Love it.