Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Knee deep in June

'Long about knee-deep in June, 
'Bout the time strawberries melts 
On the vine,  James Whitcomb Riley

The berries are ready at the local you pick garden.  I have missed them the years we have not lived here, 2 buckets in about a half an hour and it would have taken less time if I hadn't eaten so many. But a strawberry warm  from the sun..............they dripped down my chin.
Yesterday I went to Sioux Falls and had lunch with a girlfriend.  It was fun to catch up and tell each other how fabulous we look.  I visited a couple quilt shops and the yarn shop.  I did need batting but the rest well it was there what could I do but appease my fiber addiction.  I even made a detour to the little town of Dell Rapids to their wonderful big quilt shop and found a few more pieces that I really do need for a project I have in mind.  As I was driving down a county road a string of little ducks were crossing the road.  I hit the breaks hard good thing there was no one behind me and where was mama duck?  Everything in the car went flying glad I didn't have 2 buckets of berries,  the ducklings all made it across, somersaults and all in the draft of my car.  It must be tough to always walk with goulashes especially when a car is bearing down on you.  --Ann--

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