Friday, January 11, 2019

first old project of the year

 I thought I was so smart getting these old blocks sewn together last week then when I was looking for some other blocks that I hadn't seen for 3 years I found a box of parts for more 4 patches and 40 more squares for snow ball blocks.  My original plan must have been to make a queen size quilt.  Well that is not going to happen the 56 inch square top will be just right on my patio table.  But what shall I do with all these other pieces??  The quilt could have a twin or a slightly larger sibling. Or I could do something totally different because I cut the red fabrics for other projects and don't have corners for the snowballs anymore so there won't be a twin.
A new challenge for the new year.  --Ann--


Ramona said...

Your pieced top is beautiful. I love all of the reds and neutrals. I know you'll come up with something wonderful for the found box of parts.

Rose said...

I love the quilt top...those snowballed corners look like little butterflies following a garden path.